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Enter a new cannabis era of interconnected realities. Shape the experience, elevate the industry and participate in the collective.
Tokes - Craft the future.


INTRODUCTION As we enter an era where power is no longer concentrated in closed circles, but rather distributed among those who choose to collaborate, a DAO represents infinite possibilities for those who actively participate. The Tokes DAO serves as an open invitation to write the as yet unwritten future of cannabis and reap the collective rewards.
What is a DAO
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What is a DAO and how is it different from a traditional corporation?
A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is a community-led entity with no central authority. There is no board of directors, central management or hierarchy. Instead, a DAO is a leaderless collective, democratically run by the participating community.
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How does a DAO function?
DAO’s are fully autonomous and transparent. The foundational rules are coded into smart contracts to execute agreed upon decisions. At any point, proposals, voting, and even the very code itself can be publicly audited.
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How does participation work?
To participate in a DAO, members add funds and the DAO will provide tokens, allowing them to propose projects and giving them voting rights. A healthy DAO means an actively governing community creating proposals, voting and increasing the value of the DAO tokens.

The elegance of a DAO is thus in the alignment of incentives - it’s in each member’s best interest to create value for the DAO, to be forthright in their voting and only approve proposals that serve the best interest of the DAO itself.
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Are DAO’s the future?
DAO’s aren’t a novelty, or a passing fad. They are simply the embodiment of a core belief: that in every organization, those who are creating value should also have a say, an ownership stake and an opportunity to profit proportionately from their inputs and efforts.
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What are the building blocks of the Tokes DAO?
The Tokes DAO places the future of cannabis firmly in the hands of the collective. Together we imagine and invest in ways to elevate every aspect of the cannabis chain.

We envision crafting the future through supporting local craft cultivars, finding the most sustainable and healthy ways to develop land and paying attention to our effect on the planet. Together we can imagine new experiences, elevate the standard of craft in seeds and plants and bring forth the products we want, merging on and offline and opening new possibilities for ourselves and others.

From these cornerstones, the Tokes DAO will craft the future for the collective benefit of those who take the time to imagine and curate what could be.
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How will your influence count in the Tokes DAO?
Token holders in the Tokes DAO bring forth new ideas and proposals and use their voting rights to make them a reality. Over time, we can build momentum for the profit of every active member and bring forth the sustainable, exciting industry we deserve.
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April / 2022

Ethos launch

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Legacy TKS Migration

October / 2022

Nomad NFTs Drop

January / 2023

Tokes DAO Launch

June / 2023

Virtual Experience

June / 2023+

World Building

Create your own reality, code a new era of craft, and influence the future of metaverse culture
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Change has been on the horizon for the cannabis industry for a while. Driven by the deep knowledge that we can do better somehow. And if we pool our unlimited resource, we can take control. But control to us is not power. It is only the ability to create the industry we deserve. To invite the experiences we can imagine. To elevate beyond what we are given, toward what we can create.

That’s why we are placing ourselves collectively at the helm of a new cannabis era. It is an open invitation to write the as yet unwritten future. Unbound by failing structures, well-meaning authorities and benevolent rulers.

Here, the leader is the one who knows what to do next.

Tokes - Craft the future