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Tokes Payments API Features

Quickly accept all major forms of cryptocurrency in whatever software package you need. Web, mobile, or other types of merchant software can be integrated rapidly.      

Full Access to Crypto Payments API 

Easy to integrate into any type of app. Web, mobile, or other merchant software packages are all compatible using Tokes Payments API. 

Accept Bitcoin, Tokes, and Many Altcoins

Instantly begin accepting all major cryptocurrencies within your merchant software package.

Active Merchant Software Point-of-Sale & More...

Tokes Payments API is at the backbone of several first-party developed merchant applications. For more information about Cubed™ Click Here

Trade Processing & Price Conversion

Trade Processing & Price Conversion is built-in on all supported cryptocurrencies.  This allows security and stability over market volatility.   

KYC/AML & Custodianship

Know Your Customer(KYC) & Anti-Money Laundering(AML) Compliance is paramount for legal money handling and is fully covered in Tokes Payments.

Physical Kiosk

Expand your customer's reach and ease of access to cryptocurrency by using a physical kiosk to accept cryptocurrencies and process orders.    

Tokes Payments API Pricing Plans

Our premium plan provides a guide to help you through the setup process and ongoing technical support for your team.

0.25% fee
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FREE API Only Plan

Free API Access when you setup and integrate on your own.  

  • Full API Access Key
  • Ultra-Low Transaction Fee
  • Accept Cryptocurrencies 
  • Auto-trade Processing  
  • Price Conversion  
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Premium Plan 

Guided Setup with your software of choice.

  • All FREE Plan Features
  • Personal Developer Support
  • Integration Consultancy
  • Full KYC/AML Compliance
  • Full Custodianship
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • App Hosting via  Reli
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Cubed™ Package

Powerful, User-friendly Merchant Software Package.

  • All Premium Plan Features
  • Point-of-Sale Physical Kiosk  
  • Mobile Wallet on iOS & Android
  • App Hosting Platform via Reli
  • Whitelabeling Options

Accept Crypto Payments Easily 

Free setup and only a 0.25% fee. See our Premium Guided Setup Plan to ensure the easiest and most stable options for you.            


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How it Works...

Developers familiar with API Integrations will find the setup process straightforward. See the setup process below to get started now!

Register to begin the FREE setup process 

Click here to Register Now and begin your integration for FREE.

Receive an API Access Key

Once registered, your API Key is granted immediately.

Create API Queries for crypto payments

Code the queries from our API Documentation to begin accepting cyrptocurrencies right away!

Multi-tiered Crypto Options Available  

Tokes Payments provides all needed solutions for merchants and software developers seeking to integrate or accept cryptocurrencies.  

API Integration Only

  • FREE API Access Key 
  • Ultra-Low Transaction Fee - 0.25%
  • Accept Cryptocurrencies
  • Auto-trade Processing
  • Price Conversion

Guided API Integration

  • All FREE Plan Features
  • Personal Developer Support
  • Integration Consultancy
  • Full KYC/AML Compliance
  • Full Custodianship

Crypto-based Merchant App Suite

  • Cubed™ Merchant App Suite
  • Point-of-Sale Physical Kiosk
  • Mobile Wallet on iOS & Android
  • Point-of-Sale & eCommerce
  • Whitelabeling & Hosting Available

Cubed™ Merchant Apps & Services

Built for cryptocurrency from the ground up, Cubed™ offers a full range of merchant services and apps to get you transacting in crypto immediately.


Cubed™ Point-of-Sale

Accept cryptocurrency alongside conventional cash and credit payment options.

Get Cubed™

Cubed™ Consumer Wallet

Cubed™ provides an easy onramp for user acquisition of digital currencies to their mobile wallet.

Get Cubed™

Physical Kiosk

Our software is compatible with typical kiosk hardware. iOS, Android and Desktop supported.   

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Whitelabeling Options

We can build a white-label version for any of our software products for your business to deploy.

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Need help? Contact our knowledgable support team

For any questions you may have regarding clarification of the API documentation or regarding our pricing plans, do not hesitate to contact us directly with the form below. We are happy to hear from you and ready to help!     

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Frequently Aksed Questions

What are some tips when choosing the right crypto package?

If you are only looking for the API to integrate into your existing your software, then signup with the free plan and get started right away! If you want the easiest solution to have one of our experience developers to guide you through the setup and integration process, then choose our premium plan! If you don't have any software of your own and would like to license or whitelabel merchant software, then sign up for our Cubed™ package now!

Which cryptocurrencies are supported?

Bitcoin, Tokes, Waves, Litecoin and Dash are all natively supported with many more on the way!

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a set of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service. In this case our service is the Tokes Payments API that provides you with the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments.

How can I contact your technical team?

Fill out the contact form above or contact us through email/phone below. We're ready to hear from you now!

Differences between Bitcoin and Altcoins?

While Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency, altcoins with differing technology could be a better option for you. So, we are crypto-agnostic to allow support of cutting edge blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

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