APRIL 26, 2019


Event produced by Arcane Revelry, LA Weekly & 27Club



Tokes Wallet

Tokes Wallet enables consumers and merchants to send and receive the Tokes (TKS) cryptocurrency. Transactions are processed in seconds. With cryptocurrency wallets, you are your own bank on the device. It is very important to backup your wallet, so that you may recover your funds in case you accidentally lose your device or delete the wallet app. Please see Backup instructions below.

The Tokes Wallet provides an intuitive interface for users at any experience level to transact in cryptocurrency.

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How To Use Tokes Wallet

To receive and spend your Tokes at this event, first download the Tokes Wallet. Then follow the instructions below.

  • 1. Press 'RECEIVE' and Find Event Staff

    Press RECEIVE to open your QR Code for your Tokes Wallet Address. Event Staff will scan it and you will receive your Tokes.

  • 2. Find Somewhere to Spend Tokes and Press 'SEND'

    Press SEND or the large blue QR Code Button to scan the cashier's QR code and complete a purchase. Follow the on screen instructions to finalize your purchase.

Backup Your Tokes Wallet

Within the Tokes Wallet app, visit Settings, see Wallet Backup section, and select BACKUP. Read the ‘Display Seed Phrase’ message and select YES to continue. The 15 words that display (in their exact order) are the Backup Seed Phrase, which secures and gives access to your funds from any Tokes Wallet app on any device. Carefully write them down on paper, make 2 copies, and store safely in different locations. Do not store them digitally (screenshot, computer, cloud) as this could be compromised.

Cryptocurrency funds in the Tokes Wallet app are stored only on your device (not by Tokes Platform or any 3rd party). You are responsible for securing them. As long as you know the Backup Seed Phrase and no unauthorized parties do, your funds are safe.

If your device is lost or compromised, the Backup Seed Phrase is required to import any funds (from the Tokes Wallet app on that device) to a new install of the Tokes Wallet app on any device. Similarly, if the Tokes Wallet app is deleted on your device, you must import the Backup Seed Phrase to a new install of the Tokes Wallet app in order to restore your funds. To import a Backup Seed Phrase, simply visit the Wallet Backup section in settings, and select IMPORT. Submit the Backup Seed Phrase, and any funds associated with the Backup Seed Phrase will appear in the wallet where you import it.

Remember, if a Backup Seed Phrase from another Tokes Wallet is imported into your current wallet, your access to any available funds in the current wallet will be replaced (and can only be accessed via the Backup Seed Phrase of the current wallet by importing it to any Tokes Wallet app) with funds from the imported wallet.

Lastly, if you suspect that your Backup Seed Phrase is compromised, immediately transfer the funds in the current wallet to a new install of the Tokes Wallet app. You may do so by sending funds from your current wallet to your new Tokes Wallet address.

Please don't hesitate to contact support@tokesplatform.org for help and guidance.

Disclaimer: Multichain Ventures, Inc. is not responsible for and is unable to recover lost funds.

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Please enjoy the Tokes documentary on YouTube about the intersection of Cryptocurrency and Cannabis

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