What If Your Money Could Talk?

How would it tell your story? What would it say about the things you buy, the places you go or the people you share with?

What If Your Money Told The Truth?

Would you tell a new story? Would you make new choices? What things would you choose to buy, where would you choose to spend your time and who would you choose to share with?
Available Spring 2020
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Tokes For Change.
We believe in our future. We believe money connects us through choice. We believe conscious choice impacts our future. We believe it’s time for change. We believe purpose forward currency is our future.
Tokes Footprint.
We integrate our blockchain with Tokes Brands creating the opportunity for us to generate origin intelligence. Learn from your purchases and develop your own personalized footprint. Earn Tokes credits by elevating your personal, social and environmental influence. Credits can be used in Tokes marketplaces or converted to other digital currencies through the Tokes app.
Tokes Labs.
Building the future of product visibility & awareness.
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Tokes Brands.
Connecting marketplaces of forward thinkers.
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Tokes Changers.
Changing the world through conscious choice.
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Tokes Footprint.
Learning through origin intelligence.
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It All Begins With You.